Seamless MFA

Existing multi-factor authentication (MFA) methods are deeply flawed. Text messages, or short message service (SMS) was not designed for security, and are frequently breached. SMS, one-time passcodes (OTP) and hardware keys also require user effort, which in itself makes these methods less secure, as users are much less likely to adopt security that requires effort. Device verification using SMS or email leads to 25% drop-off in the funnel. Averon’s authentication, powered by our Direct Autonomous Authentication (DAA) works seamlessly in the background, with zero effort from users whatsoever. There’s nothing to download or install, no codes to enter, instead working via the secure signaling inherent in the mobile networks and encrypted hardware in every smartphone. DAA is a modern method of authentication that’s easier for users and far more secure than legacy methods—the best of both worlds.

Login is completed with secure, seamless second factor


  • One-tap account sign-up
  • Zero-tap easy login
  • Auto-link accounts to phone numbers
  • Verify accounts with SIM chip presence


  • Increase conversion rates from app download to account sign-up
  • Increase user engagement / deliver personalized experiences via seamless sign-up & sign-in
  • Increase conversion rates from mobile website landing to completed transactions
  • Improve contact rate with customer direct phone number
  • Improve ad revenue with verified accounts

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