Grow Online Retail Sales

Instant Customer Identification on Mobile

Create a Frictionless Shopping Experience

Averon is helping retailers create a frictionless experience for shoppers accessing their retail websites on mobile devices. Our patented digital identity technology uses real-time mobile network signaling to identify customers the moment they land on a mobile site, delivering a completely frictionless experience and ultra-secure identity verification process for mobile transactions through to checkout. 

Drive Mobile eCommerce Sales

With our technology, retailers can radically improve the online customer experience by recognizing customers the moment they start interacting with their brand on their mobile website, and eliminating the need for returning customers to use login IDs or passwords to access their account.
Retailers are able to:
  • create a frictionless digital shopping experience for online customers
  • build brand loyalty and engagement
  • achieve more purchases from return customers
  • boost ecommerce sales
  • better compete with Amazon

Introducing Averon's MagicLogin

MagicLogin powers your app and website to create more user accounts and manage logins with zero taps. It’s a simple Consumer Identity & Access Management (IAM) solution with no usernames or passwords. Our patented technology detects the user’s mobile phone number, then, with one tap, creates an account based on that number. Any time that user returns to the website via their mobile phone, their phone number is detected and the user gains access with zero-taps or passwords. The technology plugs right into other IAM products, enabling you to deliver a frictionless user experience with better security.  You can boost conversion rates and user engagement and deliver dollars to your bottom line.


  • One-tap account sign-up
  • Zero-tap easy login
  • Auto-link accounts to phone numbers
  • Verify accounts with SIM chip presence


  • Increase conversion rates from app download to account sign-up
  • Increase user engagement / deliver personalized experiences via seamless sign-up & sign-in
  • Increase conversion rates from mobile website landing to completed transactions
  • Improve contact rate with customer direct phone number
  • Improve ad revenue with verified accounts 

Special Offer for Online Retailers

Are you looking for innovations to improve your ecommerce sales?  If so, we’re offering retailers who share uplift data with us with special pricing for 1 year, 2 year and 3 year contracts.
Why?  We believe this technology will change the face of the competitive landscape for online retail. We’re confident our technology can provide significant uplift in ecommerce sales for returning customers.  We want to drive faster adoption and help prove the value to your retail business.

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Read Our White Paper

In this white paper, we look at why passwords are a leading cause of cart abandonment and are costing retailers millions in revenue every year. We introduce how our low-friction alternative can seamlessly authenticate users in real time. You’ll learn:

  • How to tackle the challenge of digital identity
  • How authentication solutions affect online retailers and consumers
  • How to create a better mobile shopping experience that increases conversions
  • How to implement Averon’s autologin solution for your e-comm store

Download the white paper.

Help Us Help You

Our technologists can help you create the right UX experience for your customers at first interaction with your brand on mobile.  We’d like to see your usage statistics, how many return customers converted and what uplift in sales occurred.  For that, we’ll apply our expertise to help you drive more mobile conversions.

Next Steps?

Our technology is very simple to implement.

Contact Averon’s team at to find out how we can tailor a pilot program for you.

Download the white paper –Eliminating Usernames & Passwords for eCommerce