Averon DAA Integrations

Averon + Partners

With Averon’s MagicLogin, you can boost conversion rates and user engagement, delivering dollars to your bottom line. Let our MagicLogin solution power your app or mobile website to instantly create user accounts and manage logins with zero taps. It works as a simple Identity & Access Management (IAM) solution with no usernames or passwords. If you’re already using an IAM product then Averon’s instant seamless authentication plugs right in, enabling you to deliver a frictionless user experience with better security.

Use a phone number to access user account


  • One-tap account sign-up
  • Zero-tap easy login
  • Auto-link accounts to phone numbers
  • Verify accounts with SIM chip presence


  • Increase conversion rates from app download to account sign-up
  • Increase user engagement / deliver personalized experiences via seamless sign-up & sign-in
  • Increase conversion rates from mobile website landing to completed transactions
  • Improve contact rate with customer direct phone number
  • Improve ad revenue with verified accounts