Averon Named 2018 Edison Award Finalist

Averon has been named a finalist in the Mobile Solutions category of the 2018 Edison Awards for its Direct Autonomous Authentication® (DAA®) solution, the only fully automatic mobile security platform that protects every mobile interaction with instant, effortless user verification. The Edison Awards, symbolized by the persistence, creativity and ingenuity personified by Thomas Alva Edison, recognize and honor the world’s best innovators and innovations. The Edison Awards will announce gold, silver and bronze award winners at the 31st Annual Edison Awards to be held Wednesday, April 11, 2018, in New York City.

Cybercrime and fraud are becoming an out-of-control pandemic, and traditional solutions such as 2FA (two-factor authentication) are drastically inadequate. Recently, technical advances by Averon have introduced a new method for verifying mobile user identity that utilizes real-time mobile carrier data signaling and the SIM cards already contained in every mobile device.

Averon’s patented new solution, called Direct Autonomous Authentication® (DAA®), speeds up and automates the process of identity verification by tapping directly into real-time mobile data, completely removing 2FA burdens from end users. DAA® requires no apps and no software downloads, depends on no personally identifiable information, and is impervious to hacks from email spam and scams, phishing attacks, fake news, data intercepts, social engineering and financial transaction fraud.

“Averon shares the visionary spirit of the Edison Awards, as evidenced by our innovative solutions,” said Wendell Brown, CEO and co-founder of Averon. “We’re proud to be an Edison Awards finalist, and honored that DAA®’s revolutionary impact to defeat cybercrime is being recognized, spotlighting our mission to help the digital world Be Authentic.”

DAA® represents a fundamental shift in the ways online commerce and industry think about user identity and verification. DAA® is already live on every major U.S. mobile carrier, radically improving cybersecurity and data privacy at all levels for companies and organizations that do business and offer services on the web through improved conversion rates, reduced fraud and lower churn, and DAA® also solves the weakest link in blockchain security.

“Each year the Edison Awards honors the best new innovations and their teams who are visibly changing the world and honoring Thomas Edison’s legacy,” said Frank Bonafilia, executive director of the Edison Awards. “It’s exciting to see companies like Averon continuing Thomas Edison’s legacy of challenging conventional thinking.”

Established in 1987 and often described as “the Oscars of Innovation,” the Edison Awards recognizes and honors the world’s best innovations and innovators. All nominations are reviewed by the Edison Awards Steering Committee with the final ballot being sent to an independent judging panel. The judging panel was comprised of more than 3,000 professionals from the fields of product development, design, engineering, science, marketing and education, including professional organizations representing a wide variety of industries and disciplines.

For more information on the Edison Awards, please visit http://www.edisonawards.com. Applications for the 2019 awards will open in August 2018.

About The Edison Awards 
The Edison Awards is a program conducted by Edison Universe, a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization dedicated to fostering future innovators. For more information about the winning products and the event, please visit http://www.edisonawards.com.

About Averon 
Averon is the developer of Direct Autonomous Authentication® (DAA®), the first fully automatic and ultra-secure mobile identity verification standard. Averon’s DAA® solution confirms user identity by leveraging real-time mobile network signaling and the SIM/eSIM technology already contained in every smartphone. DAA® works seamlessly in the background, requires no installations, zero effort by users and doesn’t rely on any personally identifiable data. Averon solves the problem of user identity and verification across the entire digital world from banking and ecommerce to fraud prevention in ticketing and bot commerce. DAA® can also be used to authenticate IoT devices, including connected locks on homes and vehicles. Already live on all United States’ wireless service providers, Averon makes it easy to Be Authentic and stay effortlessly protected while connected. 


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