Averon Joins World Economic Forum Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Averon announced today that it has joined the World Economic ForumCenter for the Fourth Industrial Revolution to advance a trusted, coherent, identity verification system to better foster opportunity and support the movement of individuals, funds, goods, data and other resources.

The announcement, which was made during the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos-Klosters, Switzerland, underscores the company’s commitment to human-centered economic progress through a policy framework that accelerates the fundamental rethink of cybersecurity based on a new universal identity layer for the internet, called HTTPSi. Averon’s participation in the Center will focus on the issues of digital identity standards across a wide variety of sectors and industries, which require cooperation among companies, lawmakers, regulators and civil society.

“The speed and scale of technological change in the Fourth Industrial Revolution is raising many opportunities. Governments and business need to be agile to keep up with this rate of change and to address growing issues such as privacy and security of our data. We are looking forward to Averon’s participation at the Center to examine these pressing issues,” said Murat Sonmez, head of the World Economic Forum Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Recent technical advances by Averon have introduced a new way of authenticating mobile user identity and transactions. This new technique, called Direct Autonomous Authentication (DAA), confirms user identity by employing the same highly secure, encrypted identifier that mobile carriers use to meter usage. Since DAA relies on no personally identifiable information, it is also the most private mobile authentication solution available and has the potential to fundamentally change how we think about digital identity.

“As the premier international organization for public-private cooperation in addressing the challenges related to emerging technologies, the Center is uniquely positioned to bring together the leading companies, governments, civil society and experts to shape the future of digital identity in the Fourth Industrial Revolution,” said Wendell Brown, CEO and co-founder of Averon. “It is an honor to help chart the future as the Center works to build the economic, legal and sociological framework for a frictionless security experience as we work to improve the authentication process for mobile users in the digital economy.”

Averon’s technology solves the problem of user identity across the entire digital world from banking, blockchain and ecommerce, to fraud prevention with ticketing and bot commerce—and it can also be used to authenticate IoT devices, including connected locks on homes and vehicles.

As the only identity verification solution deeply integrated and live on all United States’ wireless service providers today, DAA provides revolutionary benefits for cybersecurity and data privacy at all levels inside and outside corporate and organizational boundaries.

About Averon 
Averon is the developer of Direct Autonomous Authentication (DAA), the first fully automatic and ultra-secure mobile identity verification standard. Averon’s DAA solution confirms user identity by leveraging real-time mobile network signaling and the SIM/eSIM techology already contained in every smartphone. DAA works seamlessly in the background, requires no installations, zero effort by users and doesn’t rely on any personally identifiable data. Averon solves the problem of user identity and verification across the entire digital world from banking and ecommerce to fraud prevention in ticketing and bot commerce. DAA can also be used to authenticate IoT devices, including connected locks on homes and vehicles. Already live on all United States’ wireless service providers, Averon makes it easy to “Be Authentic” and stay effortlessly connected while protected.


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