Averon Chosen By Global Telcos for the Telecom Council of Silicon Valley’s Prestigious Innovation Showcase

Averon announced today it has been selected by the Telecom Council of Silicon Valley to be featured in this year’s coveted Innovation Showcase. The Showcase spotlights extraordinary communication startups that exemplify superior innovation and demonstrate market-ready and deployment-ready momentum and viability. It also matches numerous well-positioned companies and technologies with strategically placed vendors, investors and potential partners.

Global telco members of the Telecom Council reviewed applications representing 150 candidate companies from 11 countries before selecting the elite Class of 2018, with only the top 20 companies emerging from the competition. These outstanding startups will take the stage at the prestigious annual Innovation Showcase, which will be hosted this year by Citrix in Santa Clara, Calif., on Tuesday, May 22, 2018.

“Averon epitomizes the dynamic companies that will be featured in the Innovation Showcase,” said Liz Kerton, president of the Telecom Council of Silicon Valley. “While there are other competitions out there, Innovation Showcase is where the world’s mobile and telecom leaders gather to see new ideas and new companies poised to transform the industry. We are pleased to have Averon join the exemplary lineup this year.”

Cybercrime and fraud are quickly becoming an out-of-control pandemic, and traditional solutions such as two-factor authentication (2FA) are drastically inadequate. Averon’s approach to digital identity verification operates autonomously so end users always remain effortlessly protected while connected. Averon’s patent-protected solutions leverage realtime mobile carrier data signaling and encryption hardware already in every smartphone worldwide, providing mobile carriers and MSOs a highly valuable service that can offset declining ARPU while simultaneously delivering superior security and data privacy at all levels.

For companies and organizations that offer services on the web, Averon spawns higher conversion rates and lower churn, and significantly reduces the likelihood of fraud while also solving complex security risks in emerging blockchain technologies.

“Averon is honored to be selected for the 2018 Innovation Showcase,” said Lea Tarnowski, President, COO and co-founder of Averon. “Identity is at the core of nearly every digital interaction as smartphones increasingly permeate all corners of life. Averon is helping craft a brighter future for the internet in which the risk of bad actors disappears completely, and the pillars of trust, privacy and security are the new terms of engagement.”


About Averon
Averon’s mission is to help the entire digital world Be Authentic. Averon is the developer of the world’s first fully automatic and ultra-secure mobile identity verification standard, which works seamlessly whether users are on Wi-Fi or LTE. Protected by 25 patents, Averon’s conversion-increasing innovations authenticate users by leveraging real-time mobile network signaling and hardware already contained in every smartphone. Averon is trusted by the world’s leading ridesharing and transportation services, digital currencies, cryptocurrency wallets, and global telecommunications companies to provide the most elegant user experience with the highest caliber security. Averon requires no installations, zero effort by users and doesn’t rely on identifiable personal data, making it the most private security solution across the digital realm, from banking and ecommerce to fraud prevention in ticketing and bot commerce. Averon can also authenticate IoT devices, including connected locks on homes and vehicles. Live on all U.S. wireless service providers, Averon makes it easy to Be Authentic and stay effortlessly protected while connected. 


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