Averon Announces Integration of Okta and Direct Autonomous Authentication® Technology

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., April 2, 2019—During Oktane19 today, Averon, developer of the patented Direct Autonomous Authentication®(DAA®) technology, announced it has integrated its technology with Okta, Inc.

Averon’s award-winning DAA technology is an identity platform that delivers ultra-secure, frictionless authentication by using real-time mobile network signaling to instantly verify users without passwords, user IDs, or one-time codes. With DAA integration, Averon now offers its cutting-edge technology to all Okta users.

“We are thrilled to offer Okta clients a way to instantly log into e-commerce accounts and enterprise systems without the need to install apps or enter codes,” said Wendell Brown, CEO of Averon. “We welcome all Okta users to our growing global family of users benefitting from the enormous advantages that Averon’s seamless authentication provides—particularly Okta’s business-to-consumer clients aiming to securely streamline access for their consumers.”

DAA leverages existing smartphone hardware, making identity verification more secure than SMS. With nothing for a user to install or click, DAA is also an order of magnitude faster and easier than SMS and one-time passcode applications. Until now, the classic tradeoff in security functions has been between features that provide either more security or easier usage. Averon has resolved that dilemma with a solution that can provide both.

Okta’s business-to-consumer clients can now deliver a more secure and seamless mobile e-commerce experience while expediting customers through their mobile purchasing journey.

Averon team leaders will demonstrate the Okta/DAA integrated product at booth #EE3 of the Oktane19 conference, Expo Hall, Moscone Center, 747 Howard St., San Francisco, CA 94103, from April 2–4.

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About Averon

Averon is on a mission to restore sanity in online identity. Our conversion-increasing innovations instantly authenticate mobile users, creating a world where we can all move safely and efficiently around the internet with zero effort and maximum trust—no more frustrating and unsecure login IDs and passwords. Averon’s technology is the new gold standard for digital identity—the easiest, fastest and most secure verification solution for users on both WiFi and LTE. Simple to implement and effortless for users, Averon’s solutions don’t rely on personally identifiable information, providing the most private authentication method in the digital realm. Protected by 35 patents, Averon’s methods are trusted by the world’s leading ride share and transportation services, digital currencies, cryptocurrency wallets, and global telecommunications companies to deliver the most elegant user experience with the highest caliber security. Join us in helping the online world Be Authentic. For more information, visit www.averon.com.

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