Wendell Brown

Chief Executive Officer

Wendell Brown is the CEO, Chairman and co-founder of Averon. He is a prolific innovator whose creative triumphs include building a global VoIP solution (acquired by Microsoft), founding America’s largest online voicemail platform solution (acquired by AOL), and co-founding Liveops, America’s largest virtual work-at-home call center (honored by the White House in 2010), all of which contribute to the advancement of technology and betterment of society.  

Wendell is proud of his unique blend of Ashkenazi Jewish heritage and West Virginia roots, where his family tree dates back to the Mayflower era. After enjoying his upbringing in the northernmost Appalachian town of Oneonta, he attended Cornell University, earning a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science. Wendell then followed his dreams to Silicon Valley, initially gaining success as a popular video game designer (including blockbuster hits such as Star WarsBeauty & The Beast, and Nova Blast) and soon thereafter he created the first C-compiler for Mac.  

Later, as the creator of one of the world’s first mass-market cybersecurity products, WalkSoftly (acquired by Intel), then as a pioneer of work-at-home call centers (Liveops), which greatly increase employment opportunities for veterans and workers with disabilities, and today as the leader of Averon, Wendell’s innovations continue to empower and improve the lives of countless people around the world.  He enjoys participating as a speaker, tech judge and advisor in a wide range of communities including the World Economic Forum, DLD Munich & Tel Aviv, XPRIZE, Burning Man, TED, the MITA Tech Talks and more.  

Wendell is a licensed private pilot, and has been active in the development of new airplane and electric vehicle designs.  A strong believer in giving back, he’s created scholarships for underprivileged students, and is a proud founding member of the Human Rights Campaign.  In his (rare) spare time, Wendell enjoys international explorations, having visited more than 30 countries as of 2019, and spending quality time at home with his treasured family including beloved Italian greyhound, Magic.

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