Ovum ‘On The Radar’ Report: Averon

Ovum, a market-leading data, research, and consulting business, reviewed Averon’s DAA® solution in its “On the Radar” series featuring up-and-coming companies.

What is DAA®?

The Averon Direct Autonomous Authentication® (DAA®) platform and service delivery engine brings together smartphone SIM technology and real-time data signaling to automatically and securely authenticate users through their devices. Its API-based technology is used to trace the origin of data packets and verify that each transaction was initiated by the user’s authorized device.

Ovum's Review

There are so many different forms of authentication available, and choosing the right ones to meet user and business protection requirements has become an onerous task. Many organizations continue to rely on basic username and password approaches, and even where these are allied to stronger two-factor authentication, there is too much reliance on users to maintain, update, and keep safe their credentials. Organizations looking for a secure, automated approach to user verification and authentication should consider Averon’s frictionless DAA® technology.

Key Messages

  • The Averon DAA® platform and service delivery engine is an automated, API-based identity verification and authentication platform.
  • Averon DAA® uses the same metering functionality that is provided by the major US wireless service providers to track the origin of each transaction/data packet.
  • As such, DAA®‘s identity verification and authentication solution is approved and used in the solutions offered by those same service providers.
  • The automated nature of Averon’s technology ensures that it is unaffected by and therefore safe from credential reuse, second-factor code intercepts, and device-based interception.


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