Unlock the Digital Key Your Customers Carry (their SIM)

Averon’s technology unlocks digital identity for mobile customers so they can be instantly welcomed

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How We Help

Current digital identity verification methods like SMS one-time passcodes and KBA (knowledge-based authentication) inconvenience users and are expensive and vulnerable. They can be intercepted and put your customers at risk. They frustrate your customers and result in lost revenues. The world has changed.

Averon’s award-winning technology can both augment and replace them, unlocking better customer experiences that are also more secure.

Build Trust

Instantly verify mobile customers and provide stronger authentication using proven mobile network signaling. You’ll eliminate login IDs, passwords and one-time codes and protect against fraud, chargebacks and data breach risk.

Grow Online Revenues

Customers expect to be welcomed in but instead feel like the door has slammed. Give mobile customers a frictionless experience that welcomes them in the moment they start engaging with your brand. You’ll delight them, speed them through their journey and accelerate your online revenue.

Our Core Technology


Backed by the mobile network that supports US$1trillion in payments per year

No Software

No app to install. No action necessary on the part of the end user

Device Agnostic

Supports mobile app, mobile web, PC web, tablet, and IOT Devices

Instant Authentication for Mobile

Instantly authenticate digital identities on mobile web & app and allow access. No more login IDs, passwords, SMS or one-time passcodes tripping up customers from completing transactions.

Accelerated Mobile Conversion with Pre-Fill

Provide a more convenient mobile sign-up experience with the option to auto-populate personal data for online registrations or checkouts. Boost conversions.

Seamless Multifactor Authentication for Mobile

Provide a safer and more streamlined 2FA experience for customers with new multi-factor authentication that’s instantaneous and securely based on the mobile phone in your customer’s hand.

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